Never Give Up

We all are human we have our mind and own heart so we have our dreams. Well, it is a tradition of our world if we want something on our condition then people laugh at us and sometimes the conditions get so bad and we give up but wait no, never give up. If you want to fulfill your dreams then “never give up”.
Yes, believe me, these three words help me survive my worst situations. So decide to never give up on your dreams. Never giving up means stopping working and keep trying hard to achieve your goals. Some people never try to fight against their problems and surrender themselves in front of problems and this time motivation is like the medicine of problems.
Motivation is the inner power that pushes you toward taking action and toward achievement. Well, it’s not so easy because every time we don’t have to have someone who inspires us. So it would be better if we create the power of self-motivation and trust me if you have the power of self-motivation then you are never giving up. Motivation becomes strong when you have a vision, a clear mental image of what you want to achieve, and when you have a clear vision then commitment is the next step. As Abraham Lincoln says “commitment is what transforms a promise into reality”. So being passionate about your dreams. Don’t worry if you make mistakes.
A small mistake can’t affect your dreams. If you want to complete your dream then what do “people” say, think, or do…. Cut the whole crap and just focus on your dream. Sometimes we go with the flow, so we can’t even see where we are? What do we have? And what we want. It would be better if we decide what is a success for us.
Live happily and do your best.

TheSparklingWords | Anushree Vaishnav


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