Insecurities – Story

That was the first time when he shouted at her because she wore a too-short dress (according to him). After the party, he dropped her at her home. Outside the home he said sorry to her. she was upset with his behavior but she said Okay because she thinks he cares about her but deep inside she was feeling bad. after years, today he beat her because at today’s party she was talking too friendly with guests which he doesn’t like. Today she realized that there is a difference between jealousy and care and this is not caring. He crossed all limits of insecurity and jealousy.
Sometimes it is difficult to understand what you feel. In relationships, not everything is about love. Well, how difficult to understand this?

TheSparklingWords | Anushree Vaishnav


7 thoughts on “Insecurities – Story

  1. In my opinion what I feel is that being in a friendship is way better than being in a relationship. Friends always supports us and in fact they do. True friends are always there for us when we need them . But when it comes to love, we can’t go ahead thinking of loved once . We forget our own world that we created before and when someone enter into our small world and try to manipulate it by their way we feel so bad and sometimes we find ourselves surrounded by negativity and mental disorders which is the the worst part of any relationship. True love is rare . It’s hard to find but if we look all around us there is love and happiness in every little things . When we love someone , we always thinking about them, reading conversation and start to watching love movies to impress their partner at their level best but what we get in return ?? A sorrow , depression, stress etc etc . A true part of Being in any relationship. Please don’t take it seriously this is just my feelings what I feel about .

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    1. Friendship is like legend of all relationships so friends are best. But love is not bad too. Actually its not about love and friendship. Its about choosing good and bad people. A good person can make your life in love and a bad person can spoil your life in friendship. And its okay sameer i like your honest opinion 😊

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      1. Thank you so much for realizing me the true meaning of love and friendships. You were right it’s only about choosing good and bad people . Thanks for this thought provoking lines . I loved it . Nice to meet you ! 😊

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