Favorite Old Unfit Shoes

Today I’m sad because my mom throws out my favorite old shoes.
Well, they were unfit so simply they were useless but still, that was my favorite one. Do you guys have some favorite old unfit things?
(Now some good people visit my blog so I can ask questions🙂). I know you all have. What do you feel when your mom does this with you? You all behave like me or I’m the only one here who behaves like this which my mom says Drama. Well, my mom said that “if I throw them out before, then I don’t feel so bad” and I think she is right.
Well, if I go in deep then some people are like our favorite old unfit shoes. Those we love them but they’re unfit in our lives because over time people change…their priorities… their choices change and then they become unfit in our lives. This happens with everyone…don’t worry. But the big question is what should we do with them?
should we leave them (throw them is rude) and make some space for new people or we should just try and try and keep trying to fit them in our lives.
ask yourself and tell me what we should do in this situation.
warning- different people can have different situations so think carefully.

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17 thoughts on “Favorite Old Unfit Shoes

  1. Wow ,I love the way you have related old shoes with people. ❤❤💯

    I’d say letting go instead of leaving.
    Yes , we should let go people who are unfit to our life.

    Letting go shows how strong & mature you are 😊

    Keep writing

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  2. You said right at all. Our life is like old unfit shoes . Your mom did it absolutely correct throwing them out . Because when we stick to the ones that we have since long and no use of it , we must move on and try something new and let the new people and new things enter in our small world. The more you try to invest your efforts into the new Era with the new ones, the more you becomes positive , experienced and mature and sometimes we get a lot of things to learn from this move . But I want you to recommend to write about everything that you love most , whether you hate your old shoes or love it, your childhood friends and whatever the things you like or dislikes you should just write about them in your diary so you could fresh your old memories and be happier even after throwing them out . You know when we check our diary which we have been writing since long, noting down every stuffs , happier moments , joy sorrow whatever kind of experience that we felt while living the life, it gives us pure happiness while rewinding the old memories by reading!

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