When too hard to breathe

“I wanted to breathe but I wasn’t able to. It seemed like I’m probably in water…….in deep water. I think that was the sea. I wanted to go up but something was pushing me down in the water. Everything was blurred in front of my eyes and I stopped trying to save my life. My mind got numb. I wanted to take some breaths……some last breaths. All was going to end.”

I woke up in fear. Oh no not again……those nightmares. That was my second attempt to sleep that night.
Depression is felt in this way. Like you sinking in the sea. You want to fight back for your life but you can’t because invisible energy stops you.

TheSparklingWords | Anushree Vaishnav


9 thoughts on “When too hard to breathe

  1. Don’t be depressed dear
    I too get similar type of nightmare
    But, then I correlate and find solutions
    As dreams are crooked reality
    We relate something something
    From our daily activities,
    And poured in vessel of dreams
    Just try to figure out the solution
    And work with the things which create negative ambience…and eventually…try to learn from dark dreams and rise up…

    Hey look at rising Sun,
    And it will rise tomorrow also,
    Keep blogging!
    Keep sharing!
    Feel the positivity!
    Enjoy and learn
    Afterall we get only one life…
    So utilize it judiciously!
    Cheers!!!🌄🌿🍀💖💖💖🎶🎵Have an amazing day dear!

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  2. I could relate to each and every word because on a lighter note I was somewhat successful in drowning myself in the pool an year ago 🤣.
    Why did you cease creating? Haven’t seen any new posts from you!

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