Warrior’s Blood – Story

I’ve been living here for the last five months. It’s a nice place to live. Warm and safe.

My tiny body growing very well here. My nose, mouth, and ears have to take shape. I can make a different expression. My skeleton has started Harding from cartilage to bone. I have developed some abilities like I can hear, sensing the light. Now I am almost looking like an unborn child. Yes, I am an unborn child and live in my mom’s womb. It was a secret but now people can see my mom’s growing belly.

Today we are going to Kota. Mom, Me, Nana Ji (mom’s father), and my elder brother. Mom’s family lives in Kota. Nana Ji came to Kolkata two days ago to take us, Kota. My parents tried to manage everything but it was difficult for my mom to manage in her 6th month. She is weak. This journey is going to belong. I want to go home. It’s not safe outside the home. A lot of noise here. Nights are good and peaceful. Like this, everyone is in their sleep but I am still awake. So I tell you what I have discovered in the last five months.

My parents live in Kolkata. My father works here in a private company. My family lives in a house and for me, this is a big house. I have an elder sister, I don’t know where she is. I have a big brother too and he is always around me. Yes, I am the third child and this is the main problem. I am the problem.

The day my parents came to know that I am present in this world, they were so happy but humans aren’t really happy until that moment…….they share their happiness with anyone else. So my mom called her mom and told her that she is pregnant for the third time. I don’t know what happened at that time but after that call mom was not happy. After a few days ago my nana Ji called my mom and told her that he is coming there. Mom clearly said no. That wasn’t the first time that mom refused to take help from her family. After that call mom was angry.

“When they don’t want my child why do they call here every day. How easily they said it’s not needed” mom said.

“Listen Manvi, this is our child and we love our child because we are parents but it’s not important that everyone feel like us,” dad said.

“But they are my family Naren. How can they say such things” mom still angry

“And that’s why they apologized for .yes, yesterday I talked to your parents. Your mummy already loves our child and your papa apologized for whatever they said for our child” dad explain

“Fine…….I will think about this” mom said in a calm voice.

“At least Manvi your family supports us, not like my family” dad said in a hopeless tone.

My dad’s family never shows any interest in our life but mom’s family always supports us. Sounds pleasant but……not for me.

If you find out that you’re unnecessary how would you feel? You’re extra. Of course, you will hate them like I do but no…. Wait. They’re kind people because they are letting me be born in this world. Because maybe I am a boy but I want to shout out loud that I am a Girl. Shh…… This is still a secret. Like, people in your outer world say that parents love every child. So my parents are not different. My parents love me a lot.

So finally Nana Ji came to Kolkata to convince mom. And I want to say that if everyone is a warrior then my mom is a legendary warrior. After a long discussion and argument, she agreed to go with Nana Ji but on one condition that no one will say a word for her child.

“Your child is growing very well, Manvi. You should rest now. Don’t think so much. Baby affect from your thoughts” Dr. Avina said.

“Everything fine na Dr.?” Nani asked worriedly

“Of course everything is fine,” Dr. Avina said in a happy tone.

“She is strong” mom whisper

“How do you know your baby is a girl?” Dr. Asked

“Because this is my baby” mom laughed, Dr. Avina and Nani join her

Now I can sense what happens around me.

We get back home. Two months passed here. Now we are in Kota. When we reached home Arun mama (mom’s brother) was playing with my brother. Varun mama (mom’s second brother) had returned from his college. My sister also comes back from her school but my Nana Ji is still in his college. He teaches there.

“So how’s your, baby Manvi di? ” Arun mama asked.

Mom doesn’t bother to reply to him so Nani (mom’s mother) said “everything is fine. She is weak. She should take rest”

“Di you are troubling yourself unnecessarily. You already have two beautiful children. You don’t need another” Varun mama said with arrogance.

My Varun mama is the third child like me but he is a boy.

“By the way Varun what happened last night? Is your friend okay?” Mom asked in a dramatic tone

“Yes di everything is fine,” Varun mama said in fear and anger.

“Why you asked Manvi. What happened last night” Nani asked

“Nothing maa Varun talked to someone over the phone so I think something is wrong,” mom said to Nani

Nani starts asking a thousand questions to Varun mama. This is my mom’s best way to take funny revenge for her brother. Arun mama swiftly shifts into his room. Whenever my Nana Ji is not around us they both talk like this to my mom.

Mom, please get me out of here, I am burning.

Mom was shouting, screaming, and crying. Arun mama took a cab and called Dr. Avina so she is ready for us. Nana and Nani took us hospital.

I can’t live here, it’s so hot. I am dying.

At the time we reached the hospital, Dr. Avina and Arun mama already waiting for us.

Don’t worry Manvi……..everything will be all right. We are all here for you. Dr. Avina tries to mom calm down but mom continuously crying. Mom repeats those lines to me.

We were in the room and outside the room Nana Ji became anxious and asked Dr to about us.

“We will try our best but we may lose the baby.” Dr. Avina said.

In the last month of mom, she got malaria. Dr. Avina confirmed this. We were admitted for 15 days in the hospital and mom was fine but yesterday mom got a fever again and today her water broke and now we are here in the hospital again. We both are in pain. I don’t know what happens outside. Mom pushed me hard and then something happened and I am out, in this world. Another crying baby. A nurse covers me in a cloth.

“grab her feet and hang her, she still has some water in her lungs,” Dr. Avina said to the nurse.

She took me to another room like this. Clean me and cover me in another cloth and put me in the crib. I am too tired so I slept.

When I woke and I found some eyes staring at me. where is my mom? I want to see her Oh she is here….. Thank god I am safe.

People around me see me like I am not a child. why they are looking at me like this?

“ There are marks of burning on her body. Are they permanent?” no doubt he is my Arun mama.

“she is so red. I think that when she grows up she will turn into the black” Varun mama said.

just wait for you both, once I grow up, I will teach you a good lesson. Tolerate my cry for now.

A lady come to me and took me in her arms and said “look at her face she is so cute and her eyes so beautiful ” of course she is my Nani.

My Nana Ji looked at me lovingly. A beautiful little girl but older than me comes close to me and touches me very carefully. she is my sister. And finally, I saw him, My Dad. he took me in his arms. I think he has just arrived.

“What name do you want to give her, Manvi?” Dr. Avina asked.

Mom sees me lovingly and said she is my brave strong and beautiful girl, she is my Kanak.

And I started living in this world with the name Kanak.

The end!!!!!

TheSparklingWords | Anushree Vaishnav


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