Dua – Story

It was almost midnight when she parked her car near the road and step out of the car.

“Come out Noor, it is not so cold, and anyway we are in Jaipur, not in Kashmir” Kanak mocked on Noor.

“I hope you know that you’re insane, it’s February. I don’t know what the hell we are doing here” Noor complained to her.

“Open the back door and help me carry it” Kanak instructed her.

and when Noor open the back door she went in shocked – “what the hell…. When did you buy these blankets, is this your adventure game?”

“shh ……. stop yelling. Here are the people who are sleeping, you can’t see” Kanak said.

“Now follow me” Kanak instructed Noor again.

people were sleeping on the footpath. Some people did not even have blankets to cover themselves and others covered their bodies with torn blankets. A woman slept on the floor with her baby. Kanak and Noor covered everyone with new blankets.

An old lady wakes up from the warmth of the blanket and saw both girls surprisingly then she smiled and said “You are like God for us”.

“No I am not god…..bas dua main yaad rakhna (just remember me in your prayers)” Kanak said smiling.

Kanak and Noor both returned home.

“When did you think all this,” Noor asked.

“in the morning when you asked me ‘what is the plan for tomorrow?” Kanak replied

“We need blessings in our life and when it is given to someone with a pure heart, then it works. they can’t afford blankets like us but if we can do this then we should have to do it. I feel so good after doing all this and I hope you do too.
by the way, we need a blessing to balance our sins,” Kanak said with a blink.

“I agree,” Noor said within a happy tone.

“by the way happy birthday Kanak” Noor wished her.

and they slept in their blankets with a peaceful smile.

TheSparklingWords | Anushree Vaishnav


24 thoughts on “Dua – Story

      1. You know whenever I go through WordPress..the first blog which comes to my mind is yours .. it’s simple and easy to understand I mean the way you narrat everything so nicely..it’s really amazing ..and I would always love to read . Looking for more amazing reading ahead. 😄

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