Till the last breath

I know that it looks like a dark room and you are not able to find a way out of it. You knock on that door repeatedly, which is probably not going to open, but you are not looking around yourself, because there may be some other way that you find. it feel hopeless, helpless and little selfless.
You are broken and you have your own reasons. You can not even find the true meaning of your life. sleepless nights and hopeless days are now routine.
Every day you wake up and try to change the situation, but at the end of the day, you find yourself where you started. And now you might have been tired of doing all this. It feels very bad when you give 100% and still nothing happen. Dreams look like dreams. Dreams that will never change in reality.
But that’s fine. Yes … even after all … this is fine. Because we are not God, we are only human. We have a workable body and soul. So we can do everything.
Just stand up for yourself and push your boundaries forward. The light of your hope will show you the path in your most dark time too. Do not change your goals, change your way to reach them. Tell yourself that you can make a better version of yourself.


Nobody can motivate you until you want to be motivated . Change your words into action. Think what’s right for you and what’s wrong. Where are you today and where do you want to live tomorrow.  Find the right way and work for it. Give it your 200%. remember never lose your hope till the last breath. so now what are you doing here, go and change your destiny.

Gud luck 🍀

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