I Forgive you



This is for those who want to move on but still they are there with hard feelings.

I forgive you. Not because I want to, not because you are desrved, not because I want you back in my life. i forgive you because i want to move on in my life. i deserve better things. i know a fabulous life waiting for me. And after all I can not be so weak that just one incident prevents me from doing good in my life.

I know that whatever you did with me was terrible but only by hating you will not change anything. Neither in my past nor in my present, it will only spoil my future and now you are not really important that I waste my time on you.

But these hard feelings make me feel bad. I feel that there is a big burden in my chest. And now I understand that any feeling, love or hatred for you will remain in my heart till then, I will not be able to forget you even if i want.
Even once I thought about taking revenge but it was also time waste . Better than this, I spend my time improving myself.

So yes i forgive you. You are a monster but i am not. So go and get lost in my life and let me do some better things.

sometimes its better that we forgive them not for them but for us, because we deserve a good life.

I hope you get my point πŸ™Ž

27 thoughts on “I Forgive you

      1. Oh I’m quite okay. It just involved a bad relationship where I was used and abused. She never even owned up to her mistakes. Took me 2-3 years to get to a place where I could forgive someone who was never sorry. That’s a strange and tough things to do. I hope everything’s been looking up for you as well!

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  1. Superb post! Very well crafted and explained.I loved your last but one line-“-sometime it is better to forgive a person not for him but for ourself-bcz we deserve a good life.”

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  2. I can clearly sense the perplexity behind this post. Everybody’s goes through this phase. Some of us turns to writing to wash away the frustration we deal. Forgiving is easy but forgetting is tough.

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