Can you please get out of my head
Please, get out
I gave you my head
On rent
But you occupied it
Like it’s yours
But I want to tell you something
you’re not going to be here long

It has happened before
People change
Face change
But always someone is here
A renter who lives in my mind
Sometimes, for a few days
Sometimes, for a few months

I want to clarify
You aren’t my lover
I don’t love you
You are just my crush
I just like you
Don’t think anything else
But still, I keep thinking about you
You are in my mind

And sooner or later
You have to leave
This place
But before you do
And it ends
I want to tell you something
That, of course, I love you
Till I find someone else.

TheSparklingWords | Anushree Vaishnav