To Be Sorted

And we are here in the last month of this year but still, we have a month and before you step in 2020. I just want you to read this motivational boost. So you can make your next year a little better.

Just imagine that you are sorted about everything. You know what you want to do and what not. You know what is important in your life and what is not. You have an opinion about everything and you know your plan. You do not spend even a second on unnecessary things. Every night when you go to your bed you are happy about your day. You don’t run after people who don’t care for you and maybe because of this you have fewer people in your life but at least they are loyal and loving towards you. You not only dream, but you have plans and you work on them literally.

I know we all want to live this kind of life. We all want to be successful and happy in our lives. I can’t say that everything is going to be perfect but yes, you can live a better life.
Sorting is a step toward success. But this is tough to do. Not impossible, but tough. I mean we all have harmful habits, but still, we get pleasure from doing them. We have people who treat us like shit, but still, we beg them to stay in our lives. but also it depends on us which kind of life we want to live in.

We all have an age in our life where we just want to live a fun and carefree life. But we also have to realize that the age of 18-25 is really important for us. Although there is no fixed age to do anything, the sooner we get success in our life, the more we enjoy it.
So for the sake of a good life, we have to make some hard decisions. the hard decision which hurts us today but makes our tomorrow good.

So let’s start, you just need to simply follow a few steps

first, find time in your busy schedule then sit in a peaceful place and calm your soul.

Second, ask yourself this first question and think carefully about it.

What are the unimportant activities in your life?

Unimportant activities like watching TV, using social media more, playing games for hours, sleeping more than necessary, chatting for hours and calling on the phone, partying, and many more other things which can be included in unimportant activities.

I know the fun is important too. I mean only work, work and work will make your life boring but still, we should have to set some limits for all of this. so ask this question to yourself and think how much time you just waste.

last step and the second question

What is important for you?

Maybe you know a lot of people. Maybe you are very active socially. But you have to decide who is yours. Not everyone feels for you what you feel for them. The wrong company can easily ruin your life even before you realize it. Not everyone is bad, but not everyone is good either. Be so careful with people and relationships. If you don’t feel good with someone, make a friendly distance. At the beginning of this post, I mentioned that maybe you have fewer people in your life but at least they are loyal and loving towards you.

Now let’s come to career and goals. If you do not have a dream, plan, goal and you are happy with this then it is good. But if you have any dreams then work for them. There is nothing more important than your career. Your parents should be proud of you and there is nothing better than this. Find something that takes you positively forward in your life.

So take your time and think about what is important to you and make time for that. So I hope I have helped you a little bit about sorting your life. I know we feel bad when we see other people having fun, but some sacrifices can make your future brighter. Enjoy your bad days too. So that you can proudly talk about them tomorrow.

Have a good day

TheSparklingWords | Anushree Vaishnav