You Exist

The people who left you. They left you because they did not want to be in your life. They would have tried for it if they wanted, but they did not want you. They left you because they no longer love you. But that doesn’t mean they never loved you. So just let them go. Because if you still want them back, isn’t it an insult to you? You want to keep a person who is not yours. Do you like to keep other’s things? I know you’re not feeling well. You are upset and sad but you know what, we walk and walk and then fall. Now it is up to us how long we want to stay like this and when we want to get up and walk again. So now it’s up to you what you want. never forget, before anyone else you need yourself. you need love, care, respect, and trust from you. you exist. count yourself too.

– TheSparklingWords | Anushree Vaishnav


30 thoughts on “You Exist

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    Beautifully written as to why one should just let the people go who wish so and focus on what’s available in this moment. You is what is important and this existence is enough to move on to other ventures life has to offer!

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