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Whom are you competing with and why?
You created a page on Instagram to share your art with people. Slowly you got stuck in a race. Race of having maximum followers. From begging to buying you used all the tips and tricks to get them. And at the end of the day, you realize that everything is just fake.

Honestly, at the beginning of my page, I also wanted followers. My aim was 1k and it took 3 years because I believe if I deserve something I will get it the right way. But now I am tired of seeing my post’s low reach. Still, I do my work every day and I will always do it, even if only one person reads my work. Well, I feel privileged that I have some people who support me and appreciate me. We should be grateful for what we have. I follow some really good writers and I am trying to learn from them because I think I still need to learn so many things. I have changed my opinion about ‘having a page on social media. I hope that one day you will also change your mind. Because I believe we can change the situation.

We should be responsible instead of blaming each other. Do not let the artist and humanity die in you for some numbers.

TheSparklingWords | Anushree Vaishnav


38 thoughts on “Writers On Instagram

  1. I can relate to this!! I have a poetry page on insta and I’ve been trying to grow it for almost 3 years but I still don’t get much likes or followers but I’m okay with it now cause I just feel happy writing poetry and posting it πŸ™‚

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  2. Very true πŸ‘

    Instead of promoting pages, one should promote inner content. A little more followers can temporarily feed happiness to one’s mind but not to soul.
    Quality of one’s audience is more important instead of quantity, as they will give you honest appreciations as well as feedbacks. πŸ‘πŸ™

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  3. Absolutely agreeing here with you!! πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    Number of likes, comments and follows are just proof of your success but not your actual success, that’s why many time I abolish my thought to start Insta page for my site, even though I detox all my personal social media accounts couple of years ago!!

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  4. I agree with it totally. I also have an instagram page @positivitymonger. I was very disappointed that I could not gain followers and even the people who knew me did not support my art and work and gradually in the process of showing on who had the maximum count I took up to many videos and tactics. But later realized my aim is to spread the positive vibes in people’s life and to motivate them.
    So I continued on my journey and slowly by slowly I’m doing my work.

    Do share your instagram account id. Would love to connect. 🌼❀️

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  5. The write up is right on spot, I have less but organic followers since I begun my page because I do not follow everyone so I expect less of following too as follow for follow is the most trending thing in Instagram.
    I write for myself rest I have great connect of published authors, influencers and poets and thier appraisal is all for me.

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  6. Spot on! It has become the race for numbers on most social media accounts. Also sad ! There is a new trend to follow, always stay on top of likes, comments and staying in touch with others. People are stopping to breathe.

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  7. publishers judge writers’ value and worth. Other writers critique for the craft and are always happy that one has found the courage to express themselves in the art of poetry or prose. This is a gift I share because it has been a gift I have been given. If no one reads, I first read my work and smiled. lol…I said all that to say yes, some need to change your perspectives. Thank you for covering this vital topic! By the way, not flattery, but you are a good writer!

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