Know Your Worth

Knowing your worth is a big part of self-love. The moment when you realize your worth, a lot of things change in your life after that. You focus on what you love and what you deserve and you work hard for it. You try to be sorted in your life to not disturb your mental peace. You do not need many people around you. You are happy with some of your lovely and loyal people. You may lose people in the process, but you are not afraid of loneliness. You enjoy your time. When you value yourself, you don’t let people hurt you. what people say, do or think, doesn’t matter for you because you know it’s just temporary. The comparison is not for you because you know your abilities. You know what you want and you know, you will only be satisfied with that. And this is called maturity. Maturity does not come with age; it comes from experience. So maybe you have passed this step or you still need to wait for it.

Please share your experiences with me in a comment.

TheSparklingWords | Anushree Vaishnav


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