Own Your Life

I have two pieces of news for you the one is bad and the one is good. The bad news is there is only one problem in your life or we can say the main root of all the problems and it’s you and now the good news is there is only one solution to your all problems and it’s also you.

You own your life. Maybe you forget this while sharing your life with other people. Maybe you start thinking that this is not just your life and other people are owners too. Maybe you are thinking that you can count yourself in those people. Maybe you are just another person in your own life like people become guests in their own house but no, you are not one of those people and no matter how much they love you, care for you, and want to protect you still they can’t do anything for you, they can’t solve your problems and they shouldn’t do this because if they do, maybe for a brief period they can save you from your own problems and pain but we both know having problems in our life is a never-ending process. Nobody is responsible for your actions, emotions, and decisions, and vice versa you are not responsible for others’ actions, emotions, and decisions. Once I read in a book, A healthy relationship is when two people solve their own problems to feel good about each other. so if you want a healthy relationship with people, you should work on your own life on your own problems and let people do the same thing for their life. I said you are the problem because whatever happens in your life it happens because you let it happen. Even when other people do something in your life beacuse you allow them and you are the solution because no matter how many people you have in your life at the end of the day it’s your life so only you can do better things for yourself.

Actually, life is full of problems and it always will be but we can choose our problems, we can choose which kind of problems we want because we always have choices. There are many ways to do one thing. so we have many options and many choices. I don’t know why people become so stubborn about things. there is nothing certain unless you so if there is only one thing which always remains with you is you. this is the one thing which you shouldn’t lose. As long as you have yourself you can conquer whatever you want. You know sometimes we want something in our life, we want that one thing desperately but in the process of achieving that one thing we get hurt ourselves, we lose ourselves, we lose people and maybe after all of these we finally achieved that one thing but can we really cherish that one thing? What I believe is we should enjoy the process not the result because the process is a long period thing not the result and if you can’t enjoy the process of something I don’t think you will enjoy the result, in fact, you will never reach the endpoint. so make your choices wisely because your choices will become your problems and your problems are the things you should enjoy solving.

TheSparklingWords • Anushree Vaishnav


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