Half Gone People

For a very long time, I am hearing noises. Noises of half-gone people like they are not here anymore but their noises, memories, and behavior are here just like footprints. I let them go: Yes, I did. I don’t want them back in my life: there’s no space. Do they even exist? like I care. But just once it would have been great if they had clarified the reason for that change. I didn’t understand at that time nor now, what happened all of a sudden one minute we were good together, and then BOOM next minute they changed, and I wondered which version of them was true. Sometimes people donโ€™t change for good or bad, they just changed and become someone else in a fraction of time, or maybe they show that one hidden personality that we never want to see, and well thatโ€™s how they become stranger.

TheSparklingWords โ€ข Anushree Vaishnav


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