Listening: The Simple Thing

If you really want to learn something then learn the art of listening. Add this quality to your personality and become good at it because this world needs more and more listeners. Everyone wants to be a good speaker and everyone recommends this skill a lot and maybe there is nothing wrong in become a good speaker and I don’t know what you will achieve by achieving this skill because I am not good at it but I can surely tell you what will happen if you will learn this simple thing. You can learn a lot by listening to people. You can understand their pain, emotions, and wonderful thoughts. Listening is the best way to know people and understand them. People will love you, they will adore you, and you will become their favorite because everyone wants to be heard and understood. Everybody wants someone they can speak with without hesitation or fear of judgment but, sadly, listeners don’t become listeners by learning to listen to others, listeners become listeners because when they try to share a piece of themselves with people and people make them feel like they are too much and there is no space for them so they trying to shirk themselves, as much as they can but at the same time they want to offer the same space to others because they understand the pain of being left out. Believe me, this simple thing can make anyone feel comfortable and can give them a little more courage to feel and live life normally.

TheSparklingWords β€’ Anushree Vaishnav


11 thoughts on “Listening: The Simple Thing

  1. Yes, I completely agree with you. Generally, people go on speaking ideas and thoughts but fail to listen to the person who is opposite to you. This is the major drawback were various relationships break.

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