System Error

This month I don’t have anything special to share with you. The writer in me, I talked to her and asked her about this month’s blog post. First, she didn’t reply, and finally, she told me she cannot write anything this month. The reason is weird but quite normal for me because you know I have known her for a very long time. So, she said, “I am not handling our life issues properly so she can’t focus on writing” and then she includes this “the system which automatically translates emotions and thoughts into words is broken, I am trying my best to repair it but it’s taking time. It’s like sometimes I feel a lot and then I don’t feel anything at all. As I try to think, my mind is filled with a lot of thoughts. emotions whirlpool inside me and I start to feel dizzy. My every body part aches like I fall from the 28th floor. You will not believe me, but I feel exhausted at 8 am.” Well, after this what can I say? I am also trying my best to handle everything, but life is life.

TheSparklingWords • Anushree Vaishnav


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