Life is still not perfect or I can say the way I wanted it but it’s definitely better than before. This peaceful silence feels like heaven. Maybe I didn’t gain too much in my life but I removed a lot of toxicity and negativity. I feel safe and protected, rooted in this present moment. I forgive and let go of everything that holds me back from achieving something new. I like to have quality people in my life so I surround myself with people who loved me and appreciate me, accept me for who I am. Their love, support, honesty, and loyalty make my life easy. But no matter how many people love you, you should never stop loving yourself. So, I never forget that I have a responsibility toward myself. Sometimes I feel hunted by the memories and trauma. Sometimes It feels like nothing is gonna alright but then I have faith in myself that I will make everything all right because now I know I am strong and brave enough. I know I can do this. If I can come this far then I can go further. I chose to believe in myself. Now I choose where I should give my energy and time and where not. Because If I give my energy to those things that aren’t worthy then I will not have the energy and time for those things that I really want to do. I am working on my dreams and doing something which I really love to do. I accept myself the way I am and shut down all the voices telling me what I should be. I don’t care anymore if I am not fit into your frame. I know I am different and I have no issue with it. My body and my mind are my concern, not anyone else. My mental and physical health is my priority not what others say. I keep reminding myself I am not responsible for everything and everyone. I can’t do everything for everyone. So, stop worrying about people and things. Let life unfold its own way. There was a time when the thought of being alone scared me but now I feel comfortable with it. I don’t count myself in a group anymore. I am individually living on this planet. No one is responsible for my life. I utilize and enjoy my alone time. I am aware that the journey of growth is continuing and I can feel the changes. Sometimes these changes make me uncomfortable but I know growth will make me strong. I am willing to see how and where I need to change. How I can improve myself and become a better person. I am grateful for this life. I am grateful to be exactly where I am in my life.

TheSparklingWords • Anushree Vaishnav

12 thoughts on “Affirmation

  1. This is so authentic. It true that sometimes it feels so lonely and scary to be yourself. But it’s better to be alone than being with someone who makes you feel lonely. Transitioning to your higher self requires isolation so keep on moving forward ✨ 💯

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