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About a month ago I wrote about Instagram in one of my posts. Today in this post I will talk about WordPress bloggers.

So, one toxic day, a bang-bang question popped into my mind. The question was, if my blog has 650+ followers, then why don’t my blog posts have less than half the likes? And I opened my list of followers and scrolled down. After half an hour I realized that about 50 sites were not even opening and about 100 sites had not been active for a year or two. And I was in Dharam sankat. If I delete these sites, my followers will decrease and if I do not, there is no point in having dead followers. So, I put a big stone on my heart and took the most painful decision. I removed my dead followers. And now I have 500+ followers. But I am satisfied and confident. At least I know the truth of my blog.

And now I want to give you two pieces of advice. If you are serious about your blog.

First, you can also do this with your blog. Why? So that you know the status of your blog, you can work hard accordingly. Most important, showing people that running a blog is not a cakewalk. You know that everyone is a blogger these days. I know it might sound bad but we can’t support everyone. We should only support those who are serious about their work and work hard.

Second, Please post. Once a week or month. Post regularly so that we know you exist.

It is easy to start something, it is also easy to finish something but it is difficult to continue something.

Well, a few days ago, on 25 September, my blog completed 3 years. So, thank you very much for your love and support.

Have a good day.

TheSparklingWords | Anushree Vaishnav


76 thoughts on “Bloggers On WordPress

  1. This dharm sankat is universal😅. Everyone faces it. We should encourage and follow the serious and enthusiast writers/bloggers. Congratulations on your 3 years. 😊

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  2. Congratulations my friend for celebrating 3 rd anniversary.

    A hard task indeed to delete the followers.

    And You did a good job.
    I agree with you.

    Having more followers but not equivalent likes or reasonable interaction is heart breaking.

    Blogosphere is a complex world of its own.

    We come across people having 100 followers but ‘likes’ more than hundred or ‘comments’ more than 100.Can we explain?

    Thank you for your analysis
    And love your paragraph about ….starting…..finishing…. continuing

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  3. I feel you on this….i think every other blogger does… would rather have 20 supportive followers instead of that 1000 who are nowhere to be seen.Nowadays finding someone who really takes time to read your work ,comment, like is so difficult because.Its the follow for follow routine where people will follow hoping you follow back and that’s just sad.

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  4. Great advice! Thank you for sharing this. I’m blogging from last 5 years, I have more than 3k followers on WordPress but my posts hardly get more than 300+ likes… I knew most people give up blogging after trying for a while if they don’t get the response they wanted or maybe get too busy with something, so I had idea that this can be the one reason (along with followers who are following tonnes of other blog that my posts get lost in their WordPress feed) but I have never actually see how many of my followers are inactive.

    Btw, congratulations on the blogoversary 🎉

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  5. Great insight & I agreed with you as the same has been done by me but there is more do however I was also not regular on blog that is the other reason I discovered.
    Congrats on 3rd anniversary & Keep writing!!✌👍

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  6. Congratulations Anushree, on your blogging journey so far.

    I feel almost all blogs have dead followers. Maybe, they have other commitments that their blogs go untouched. They return at times to just read their favourite blogs that they’ve followed. So, personally I don’t feel deleting them is a better choice. You see, silent reading is ad much fun as writing.

    To support the active ones, I turn on their notifications so that their posts don’t go unnoticed.

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