What end with death?

Everyone has to die one day. It is a universal truth and I am not afraid of death but what scares me the most about death is that what will end with my death. I mean my family, my friends, and the dreams that I saw with them. Everything will end with my death. I can’t see them again.
Sometimes I wonder how people try to meet with death. It’s terrible. I know that they have their reasons for doing so, but in reality what is something that we can’t solve? Every problem comes with its solution and if you can’t find it then leave them on time but don’t end your life. We can’t understand how lucky we are that we have a human body so we can be limitless.
There is another thought in my mind that if people don’t want to live for themselves then why don’t they start living for others? Living life is the most specific journey that begins with birth and ends with death. Take good decisions and make your life good. Once you finish your life, you never find it again and you lose everything. Your death not only ends your life but many things end.

TheSparklingWords | Anushree Vaishnav


14 thoughts on “What end with death?

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