In My Mind – Story

I’m crying…..crying hard. I broke all the things in my room. I shout….I scream… I don’t know why. In anger, I give my hand to the wall and suddenly I feel more pain in my hand than my heart. I get tired.

“So Kanak how are you doing in your life?”

the question shakes me and I come back to reality. I look around. everything is different here. Happy faces…..people sipping their coffee…..people talk and laugh with each other even I’m sitting with some nice people. I take a few seconds to recover and answer her.
“Good…. Everything is good” I reply to her with a smile.

one more time Kanak did this and doesn’t know how many times she had done this before.

Who says that “it is easy to hide thousands of problems behind a smile.

it’s hard and it’s wrong but we all know that we can’t share anything with anyone. It seems that sometimes we make our world in our mind and what we feel inside no one wants to know.

Do you feel the same?….. Let me know!!!!!

TheSparklingWords | Anushree Vaishnav


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